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10-24-2015, 08:45 AM
Hi there

I've posted few times over the last few days in different Threads and my apologies for that each time I open iMovie I seem to have a new problem and not sure where to turn.

I have used iMovie for the past 5 years and it seems all of these problems started just after the new iMovie update.

Originally what happened it it just appeared iMovie was lagging. What eventually happened is it seemed like while all Photos would load into the media display certain photos from certain events when dragged into the timeline would just appear black.

Than what has happened is iMovie will recognize an Event from Photos. (Lets say "Hawaii") It will see all the movies in there but none of the Photos. (of which there is probably 2000). I most like iMovie to combine some of my vacation movies and Photos.

Finally it no longer seems to recognize the Photos program at all. I can still see some of the movies in the Photos folders as they have been loaded into iMovie, but I can't see Photos as a library at all.

It almost seems like iMovie is having trouble mapping things from Photos. Any idea how I "re-establish" that connection.

The Photos App is working fine.

Again of note this seems to have happened since the upgrade. In the past I used this seamlessly.

Appreciate the help