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10-21-2015, 10:06 AM
Hi all,

In the past if I needed a quick slide show of photos for a presentation, it was easy in iPhoto to select classic and have it randomize the transitions. Now with Apple Photos, that's not an option. Does anyone have any suggestions for a way to quickly build a SS with random transitions (ie: without having to put a transition in for each image)? I don't currently own Aperture, but if it does it, I'd be willing to buy it.

10-21-2015, 05:57 PM
Graphic Converter on your mac (I believe).

WOWSlider on a website.

10-21-2015, 06:15 PM
Try the slideshow option in Preview which you already have on your Mac.

10-21-2015, 06:16 PM
First let me say that slideshows with random transitions are THE WORST and always have been. You're not impressing anyone; you're covering up bad shots and showing people you are an amateur and think the transitions will "entertain" your audience. This is like random transitions in video: it's jarring, and most of the transitions are junk. I've been telling people for years to ignore the "fancy" transitions and stick to a theme, preferably just dissolve (with perhaps ONE other transition used for major changes in theme).

The important part of a slideshow is the content. THAT is the part that needs to be "interesting," not the transition. Transitions should largely be invisible. That's what makes the difference between a professional presentation and amateur hour. Study any really good presentations you've come across, you'll see. Cheesy transitions are the "jazz hands" of presenting.

<puts soapbox away>

There's no shortage of options, but one of the best non-Photos/iPhoto slideshow makers is of course Keynote (or, if you need compatibility with Windows PCs for your slideshow, Microsoft's PowerPoint).

10-21-2015, 06:41 PM
Good sermon, let's hope it was heeded.

10-22-2015, 02:37 PM
Chas - unfortunately, you have no idea why I have these specific needs are here - so the soapbox was completely unnecessary, but I will explain so you won't try to convince me to do it a different way.

This is not to cover my photos - to hide bad photos, etc. (in all honesty, I've seen all the photos and they are all pretty much terribad) It's to run a set of several hundred photos as a mini-presentation on a small screen at an event for which my boss doesn't want a single transition style between them. She wants what she wants, and it will be that way no matter what - I just don't want to have to setup a pseudo-random set of transitions manually and the output will be live playback on a screen at an event (not really for people to focus on) and for DVD playback (for her to keep for historical purposes). If it were up to me, I'd just do a straight dissolve, but since it's not, I was hoping for a solution simple like iPhotos used to be for this type of request (which unfortunately, is how she normally wants photos. Either random transition or my other most unfavorite ken burns).

10-22-2015, 08:26 PM
Show my "rant" to your boss (on your last day there!) :)

I'm very glad to know it wasn't your idea, and that you're clearly a fellow of good taste. Hopefully one of my other suggestions works out for you (ah, your boss would probably love Kai's PowerShow ...)

10-23-2015, 08:49 AM
haha, fellow of good taste may be questionable :) I've done plenty of bone head gaudy visuals in the past ;)

Looking at some of the screen shots, I'd have to guess yes - that is something she would probably really like.

Personally, I like simple and clean.

I do kinda like the idea of the end note - who knows, thinking of retiring from here at the end of '17 - maybe I need to keep a link to this page :D