View Full Version : Audio Mixer Recommendations

09-30-2015, 12:20 AM
I'm currently using a Behringer Eurorack UB802 (http://www.music-group.com/Categories/Behringer/Mixers/Small-Format-Mixers/UB802/p/P0180/Features) mixer to record the audio for the Mac-Forums Sunday night chat shows. That mixer is connected to a Heil PR 40 mic (http://heilsound.com/pro/products/broadcast-microphones/pr-40) with an appropriate shock mount. The entire setup feeds into the line in on my MB Pro. I've also got an MXL 990 mic that can connect via USB but it does not seem to be working at the moment (almost no apparent pickup in Amadeus).

I need to replace the mixer because a few recent mishaps have lad to a broken knob or two. I might just replace with the same mixer which I can find for $60-75 US. I'm open for upgrades in that area though if I can stay in the $70-100 range. Willing to go to a USB/digital setup if the budget numbers are right. I'm basically looking for the most bang fro the buck. Any suggestions welcome.

Keep in mind that I am in large part an audio idiot when it comes to this side of technology so be gentle in your explanations. lol.

BTW I also use this mic setup with the Nuance dictation software and it seems to work well.