View Full Version : Why are all* my jpegs corrupted? Again!

08-26-2015, 03:18 PM
I have been diligently working away saving out my best jpegs such that I can collate my Best and update my web site.


No matter how often I do this, and invariably from within LR5, at some point virtually all (in this gallery itís around 50%) of my thousands of jpegs have become corrupted such that they appear as dimentions 256 x 171 (this shot is from a D800) and has all the originator's Meta Data stripped away too.

The only data is in Bridge's first box: the file name, what format, size, dates, Bit depth and colour mode

This was a new 2TB hard drive.

This is not the first time this corruption has taken place, all this year, the MacBookPro is just over 2yrs old.

I have been reviewing these images as I have been rendering them out from LR from day to day and a smattering (5%) from Bridge CS6, today they are almost all corrupted. Again.

I can see preview of each image in Bridge, not in Appleís Preview, and of course nothing opens up in any software, not PhotoShop, nor Bridge.

Initially, I thought it may have been the file name, but it is not even throughout the jpegs.

However, it does seem date specific, in that all images taken on Day 1 are okay, but not on Day 2, and even then it is not that straightforward. None of last summerís images are opening at all.

I can see them perfectly well in their respective LR5 Catalogues & I have one Catalogue per SD Card and also as original RAW files, but there seems to be no common element thus far, not the different cameras (x3) nor lens nor anything else I can ascertain nor which one of the several offboard HD's the Catalogue resides.

It is the same story trying to open any images on my PC. No joy.

I am beyond frustrated. No wonder I have ceased taking photographs.

PS - I tried to add a desk top snap shot (.png 626kb) but the system won't allow it. However I did upload the 8.8mb file plus the desktop screen shots HERE (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/0nmnsksommdbxkd/AAAWTzwCCftG4LymPfIUuHpza?dl=0)


Thank you in anticipation.

09-30-2015, 01:28 AM
Can you zip one image up and put it in your dropbox for examination?

09-30-2015, 01:44 AM
The 256x171 images are thumbnails used by LR to represent the pictures. It sounds like the photos themselves aren't being imported, or maybe you're ejecting the card too soon or improperly? Do you have LR set to import the pics, or just catalog them where they are? If the latter, then ejecting the disk or card they are on will naturally cause the issue you're seeing.

10-03-2015, 10:36 AM
Today I have experienced another issue. B Hell!

Typically, I transfer my RAW files from the SD cards, they go into a new folder on one off-board drive (drive No1 for example) then in LR, I take either the images direct from that SD card or more likely I take them from that new folder on the HD No1 and open a new catalogue and import all the images into a new folder on another HD (drive no2), often from several day's photography and may be from two cameras, such that now I have a RAW folder on drive 1 and on drive 2, I have the LR catalogue.

What happened today is that I copied / pasted the whole folder of RAW images from No1 drive onto No2. I can not read a single RAW image.

This is not the way I have done things in the past, as I would have two folders of RAW files on two different HD, no1 and no2.

So, I am thinking that it's the whole copy / paste process that is somewhat corrupting these images. How would that be possible? It would certainly fit, as over time I have copy / pasted images into new folders to corral images from projects?

I can not see the RAW files in Adobe Bridge and they seem full sized according to the basic meta data. All other data has been stripped out, or is simply not available.

Any thoughts?