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08-13-2015, 08:12 PM
I've just about had it with trying to find an iPod I would want. Is there something on the market aimed at music lovers with at leas a decent EQ with musical frequency cut and boost? NO computer, no video, no worm hole transport to another galaxy, no BJ port,....... OK maybe a BJ port! It WOULD be nice if it were loose about file formats for mp3s ACC or wmv. All my music is in itunes on a mac pro. And
absolutely free of any hidden monthly fees or subscription crap. But I'm done with apple's ipods. With all the 15 year old bollywood kid attractions how good could one sound?

I drive a 2000 Outback and the cassette player is tired and my cassettes are not playing correctly. Help please.

Thanks for listening....


Rod Sprague
08-14-2015, 02:56 AM
Have a look at this article; gearpatrol.com/2015/05/14/6-best-portable-hi-fi-music-players

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