View Full Version : Adjusting Date & Time in Photos

08-09-2015, 07:28 PM
I imported a number of photos of my granddaughter from a FB posting. The order of import did not match the order of the sequence of the photos, so I adjusted the time and date of the photos to put them in the correct order. I was viewing the pics from the general PHOTOS area. The first pic I changed jumped to the beginning of the batch of photos, but the rest did not. I double checked to see if I had indeed adjusted the time as I wanted, which was OK. I happen to have a smart album that holds just the pics that are actually imported to the photos library, vs. those I have referenced. In that album, the pics aligned themselves to match the re-timing. Why there and not when I look under PHOTOS or even when I choose ALL PHOTOS under the album listing? Quite confusing.