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07-12-2015, 03:46 AM
I am having a host of problems with movies disapearing from the IMovie Theater.
- Fed up with multiple back-ups, late last year I uploaded my entire 15-year family video library to IMovie Theater. This was a total of 52 movies, ranging in length from a couple of minutes to 10 or so minutes. There were edited over the years using versions of IMovie and more recently final cut X. They were all uploaded via IMovie, where I created a new project out of each movie in order to sylise the movies, giving each a theme before sharing them one by one to the Theater. It was very time-consuming.
- For five months everything was fine. The 52 movie posters popped up and played on all my Apple devices - 2 iphones, ipad, 2 apple tvs, Macbook Pro and desktop.
- Then in April I upgraded my laptop and desktop.
- That’s when I noticed that when I opened IMovie Theater on my laptop and desktop, only 11 movies were showing and could be played. No sign of the other 41. It was also a very random selection.
- But all 52 where still shown and available on my other devices.
- But since the weekend (July 11-12 2015), I can no longer access the 41 “missing” movies on my other devices either.
- The Apple TVs both display the message: “Cannot connect to imove theater. They may be a problem with icloud or your internet connection. Try again later.” I have checked and there is no problem with icloud or the internet connection.
- The iphones and ipad both still display all 52 movie posters, but when I try and play any of the 41 “missing” movies, the application crashes.
So somehow, somewhere, 41 movies have gone missing in the cloud.
I have tried all the usual troublshooting - signing in and out of iCloud, resetting routers and devices etc. But nothing.
I spoke to Apple at great length - and we are still talking - as yet to no avail. They have suggested uploading again, though I am loath to do that in the absence of an understading about how it happened and a confidence that it won't happen again.
It has really shattered my faith in ICloud.
Any suggestions greatly appreciated!
Ian Williams

07-12-2015, 03:49 AM
Given that this is Apple's advice, I suggest you try uploading one – just one — of the missing movies again, and see if that resolves the issue.