View Full Version : OS X Yosemite - Round 2 & New Monitor

06-28-2015, 10:18 AM
Hey Everyone,
I have been working away on my youtube channel. The other day I went to update FCP and Motion, just to realize I needed 10.10.2 to update.. Well bum hug.. So I went to upgrade again, having issues last year when it came out I had to go back to Mavericks. But figured all the software and OS X also should have the kinks worked out by now. So I upgraded, everything seemed fine except I got a few kernel crashes. So ran mac diagnostic tools, RAM and everything checked out fine. So figured I had backed up everything with TM so, heck lets just format and install a fresh copy. It was getting about that time anyway.. So got it all installed again, everything "knock on wood" seems fine. Even seems little faster then it did from the upgrade. It was likely a kernel module or driver conflicting with something causing the kernel panics before. That said, I also upgraded to a BenQ 32" pro display a few months ago. I had originally complained like hell about the new UI look of Yosemite. But honestly with this new display, most of my complaints are gone. Which leads me to believe, from experience. Most who are complaining about the looks, like I was. Are likely not on Apple displays or other high resolution displays like I got now. Cheaper 1080p displays with bad gamma and contrast levels don't do the looks of Yosemite justice. So perhaps next year at this time, I will upgrade to 10.11 or have already got myself a new MBP I so thank I deserve. :D


06-28-2015, 01:20 PM
Glad you got that sorted out. Sometimes persistence is a good thing.

BTW I never thought of the monitor as perhaps being part of the issue with people not liking some of the UI changes. Although I have purchased monitors over the net simply because it's a heck of a trip for me to find somewhere with a decent selection, I usually prefer to see the monitor first.

06-28-2015, 06:48 PM
I usually prefer to see the monitor first.

Normally I prefer to see them first hand also. However 3 things stood out to me on this monitor. 1) Solid/Positive Reviews, 2) Shared same panel as the Samsung equivalent, 3) 100% sRGB accurate display. That said, I was still very nervous. But fairly confident I made a good choice. Its still working great after almost 6 months now. Really helped with my photo retouching also.