View Full Version : Sometimes my DVD plays choppy on computers and DVD players. Why?

04-28-2015, 07:43 PM
I made a film that I've been screening at some colleges. I notice that on some DVD players the film is kind of choppy, that it stops for what must be a fraction of a second...but it does it regularly so that someone walking is walking kind of stilted. This drives me crazy.

What causes that? Anything I can do about it? It plays fine on mine. I'm using Toast Titanium.

Thanks in advance!

04-28-2015, 10:22 PM
What brand of medium are you using to burn the dvd on? I will tell you not all dvd blanks are created equal. What will work on one player will not on another. I burn through a couple thousand or so a year. I use Maxell professional DVD-R. I have tried many many brands and this one has been the most consistent. Also DVD+R medium will cause more issues. DVD-R will be more compatible.

It could also be the burner. Sometimes simply reducing the burn speed will help. Some players will have trouble reading burned disks because of old firmware or a worn out player head.

Try the slower burn speed. Change disks - Maxell or I have even used Verbatim with good success.