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11-22-2014, 08:26 PM
DoubleDirect – Zimperium Discovers Full-Duplex ICMP Redirect Attacks in the Wild Zimperium Blog (http://blog.zimperium.com/doubledirect-zimperium-discovers-full-duplex-icmp-redirect-attacks-in-the-wild/)
Man in the Middle attack. Depressing read.
When you get to the "Countermeasures" section, DO NOT copy/paste the line into Terminal to check if you're vulnerable, copy it into TextEdit instead to see why.
Sneaky b@st@rds added to the line with the old invisible coding trick. Delete everything after SAFE" and paste THAT into Terminal.
Haven't found any problems with the sysctl line to kill the redirects. Don't know if it survives a restart. Haven't tried it yet.
Article says Yosemite is vulnerable, SO IS MAVERICKS. Try what system you're running.

Really sad people have nothing better to do than mess with others gear.