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08-06-2014, 10:52 AM
I changed my important passwords (again) this morning in the wake of the latest hacking episode. No problem - I do it often enough that it is almost automatic. Except…

For Apple.

With online banking and buying sites from the Mac, you just copy the new password from your PW manager and paste it in. It doesn’t matter if the PW is 10 or 100 characters long. And mine are long and auto generated by a password builder.

I consider the following examples moderately secure…


For really important sites, I crank it up to the max they will take. (Of course, I know that once you pass 15 or 20 characters with a random password, you are absolutely safe from any form of brute forcing for the conceivable future - at least until the Quantum Mac Pro comes out - but what the heck? If it’s there, you might as well use it.)

Now, back to Apple. When I change my Apple ID password, immediately my iPhone pops up a message saying that I need to login. Then, once again, I realize why I always use a much easier PW for that site. Trying to manually key in one of the examples above and on a tiny touch screen keyboard is nothing but an exercise in frustration.

“*************************************** is an invalid password” doesn’t help a whole lot.

So, anybody come up with a way to paste into an iPhone field, or know how to turn off the ******* on the entry? I know the answer is almost certainly no, but maybe some Guru has a method. And no, I am not going to jailbreak it.

08-06-2014, 10:57 AM
Sadly I haven't found a way and have had to resort to some smaller (but still hard to crack) passwords for certain accounts just because of how I usually access them. Trying to remember, let along type in a 28 character password is a pain..