View Full Version : Problems logging in to Mac-Forums?

07-10-2014, 05:39 AM
The below are two (2) separate accounts requiring two (2) separate registrations and logins.

1. mac-forums.com

Logging in here at the forum requires you to enter your registered username and password.

2. deals.mac-forums.com

Logging in here requires you to enter your registered email address and password.
This is not your mac-forums.com email address and password.

These pages are not a part of the forum.
They are powered and run by "StackSocial (https://stacksocial.com)".
Entering your registered mac-forums.com email address and password will not work.
It requires you to have a "stacksocial" account.
It will not recognize your forum login nor email address.
When creating an account at deals.mac-forums.com, it creates a "stacksocial" account.

Your account at mac-forums.com will not allow you to login at deals.mac-forums.com.

Your account at deals.mac-forums.com will not allow you to login at mac-forums.com.

I hope that helps.