View Full Version : Font "tweaks" working in Safari locally, but not working on "live" site

09-24-2013, 12:53 AM

I've been designing a site for a business I've put together that is *sometimes* giving me some issues when displayed in Safari.

My site's various font "tweaks" - font weight (sometimes only on certain words), HTML based italics (using the <em> tags), etc. - are sometimes not working in Safari. When I display the site locally (on a Windows based computer that has Safari) all looks correct, but when viewing it live on the same computer it's missing the adjustments I've made (though it's fine "live" with all other browsers). On my other computer (a Mac), it's OK live. When testing on two other friend's computers (both Macs), all was fine on one, and not on the other.

I'm not sure what's going on here, and I seem to have stumped some others I asked for help on this. I luckily found this forum, since it has a Mac focus (given my issues are with viewing in Safari).

I can give the site to anyone who wishes to take a look and try to help, but I'd need to PM you with the URL. It's still a private site at the time...

Thanks very much in advance...

09-28-2013, 02:57 AM
I should add that I've been able to narrow this problem down to Safari version 5. A friend with a pretty new Mac and Safari 6 has everything on the site display as intended, as does my older Mac (which I think is Safari 3). However, my Windows based computer where this is a problem (and only with the "live" version - the local one is fine) is using 5, as is another friend with a Mac who is having the same issues I'm having with the Safari 5/Windows 8 combination.

I'm using @font-face. I've tested in Chrome, Firefox, variants of IE, even Opera, and all is fine. I've read that sometimes the SVG font type can be a problem, but I even tried modifying my code to target Safari 5+ to use the TTF font file instead, and that made no difference in Safari 5 "live". Figuring I may have written my code wrong, I even instead tried removing the code to the SVG file, and the result was the same. I should add that Safari 5 (running the "live" site) IS displaying the intended font, but missing all my adjustments to the basic look (aside from font size). It is the ONLY problematic browser variant I've been able to find.

I've been digging around online and while it seems Safari 5 has caused various font related issues, I can't quite hit on something exactly like the problem as I'm having, nor a fix that works.

Any ideas?

09-29-2013, 03:33 PM
Are there any known issues at all re style related coding for Safari version 5 that I could possibly try and apply to my code? I'm digging around online, and anything I've seen and attempted in adjusting my code has made no impact. I realize I'm a beginner at this, but at the same time I'm stumped...