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07-17-2013, 03:30 PM
I want to use RapidWeaver on a Mac to create an ongoing series of online magazines. I want the magazines to be similar to a conventional paper magazine in that they will have articles, photos and multiple pages. My last experience of this many years ago caused me to create a suffix for each edition (e.g. .1/.2/.3 etc), effectively giving each one its own domain. How do I create a series of magazines under the same domain and retain each edition online for future reference?

Also, is there a good format/template available for such a magazine that can be used with Mac/RapidWeaver?


07-17-2013, 04:00 PM
The web should really behave slightly differently from a magazine (this is coming from a print designer who also has web experience)

You can do a whole lot more than merely trying to replicate the pages of a magazine online.

Its more about the flow of information and making information interlinked and searchable.

Each article should be one scrollable page, the only reason some websites slit an article into pages is to serve you more ads with each click.

You really should have a home page for the magazine to act as a start point for it, publish each article as a single scrollable page and tag each article.

For example, you may have a mag about gardening. You can tag a page by subject (shrubs, flowers, pest and pesticides etc.) and date (September 2012) and any other tags you choose. That way users can read up on shrubs but also find all other articles on the same subject, or merely get the latest articles by date.

The best way to serve that sort of system up is to build the website with a database system like WordPress, letting users search and discover using tag based navigation, rather than serving up individual pages and having to constantly update a navigation system manually