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07-10-2013, 10:10 PM
Hi mac community

I am finding that a few codes that are generated by third parties do not work in iWeb.

I want to run an affiliate program and have gone to pay gear

after inserting code, and it didn't work, pay gear replied with...

"You have also placed paygear's payment button within http://financebrokerapps.com/Finance_Broker_Apps/Get_Started_files/widget2_m arkup.html page and this page is being called into iframe of sell page http://financebrokerapps.com/Finance_Broker_Apps/Get_Started.html
You must place your sales buttons on the sales page itself and not an iframed page to verify."

I pasted directly on page and everything went funny so I deleted.

I am now trying to add social share buttons code (addtoany) and it also does not seam to work.

I love iWeb but I need to fix these issues

HELP please