View Full Version : iWeb 3 questions please

06-04-2013, 07:15 AM
I have 4 questions for iweb please if you can answer any.

1. I want to change the background image to my site I think I can do this but is there any way I can change the dimentions of the main page like the inner rectangle? I want to make it smaller.

2. How can I put a call or skype me button on my site?

3. I would also like to put a write on my facebook page box if anyone could help. I know where to get the scripts from but when I put them into html snippet nothing happens.

4. where to get really cool free website backgrounds :)

06-08-2013, 11:32 PM
1. Yes, you can change any element of an iWeb page. Changing the dimensions of the main body is a lot trickier. I'll try to look that up and get back to you on that.

2. Here you go -- place the resulting HTML code into the HTML snippet box. https://dev.skype.com/skype-uri/generator

3. Make sure the scripts are JUST javascript/html, nothing else. If there's any PHP or anything like that going on, your host has to support that (and iWeb doesn't).

4. Almost any piece of art can be a website background. Respect copyright and either use public-domain/free backgrounds (a Google image search should help you with this) or better yet create your own backgrounds with a cool photo or some such. IIRC 800x600 (@72dpi) is the standard iWeb page size so that's probably a good guideline for your background image. More info on this: How to make your iWeb sites background static | All About iWeb (http://www.allaboutiweb.com/2010/01/how-to-make-your-iweb-sites-background-static/)