View Full Version : Form mail as read on AOL

10-11-2012, 01:43 PM
So....I have a web form on a customer's site, and he wants the e-mail he receives from the form to have a larger font. He uses AOL's web-based e-mail reader. How do I make that happen for him?? Using HTML coding doesn't work -- in his e-mailer, the HTML doesn't render but instead he gets the raw code, although when I put in my own e-mail address in the code and I get the e-mails, they render perfectly, both over the web (on multiple browsers) and in stand-alone mail readers.

Is there some kind of workaround?? I searched for a solution, but all the references I could find are many years old (and none of them helped)...(and despite what a lot of people will say, Google is NOT your friend, if you do the slightest bit of research on their practices...)