View Full Version : Apple Cinema Display Calibration and Profiling.

12-27-2005, 01:15 AM
I just got a new Quad 2.5 attached to a 23 Cinema Disp with a LaCie Blue Eye. I need help with my target. I am a sportphotographer but I don't work in a "color critical" environment. My client wants good pictures but could not care less about color space, profile etc...

I would like to calibrate my display so I can trust what I see with what I print. I won't be splitting hair, for now. I would like good color accuracy accross the bord without being critical. Any advice?

I found the following settinds to be way too warm and off. I think they were for a pre-press environment (2.2 5000K 100 Cd/m2). Any Suggestion on what should be good settings?

I tried to use my LaCie Blue Eye bt could not correct the RGB on the display...Need help with that too. Any good websites/articles on where to start with color management/claibration?

BTW Have a great holiday season...