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12-18-2005, 02:51 PM
Excuse me if this has already been asked. I've searched the forums and did not find an answer, so here goes. I've just switched to the mac and have installed CS2 and am wondering how to display the working background so that Bridge or any other program cannot be seen while working in CS2. When i open CS2 by itself I get the display's (monitor) background and it is difficult to work on an image with all the different colors, or programs, if they are running. When I opened CS2 up in Windows, a nice dark gray background was always present for working on images. I may be missing a simple answer but, I've been frustrating myself for over a week now trying to get that same BG in the Mac version of CS2. Please, somebody make me feel stoopid... :)

12-18-2005, 03:24 PM
You can either go to Photoshop's 'Photoshop' menu and click 'Hide Others' or when you create a new image or open one, at the bottom of the toolbox you have three buttons depicting the screen, from left to right they are:

Standard Screen Mode
Full Screen Mode + Menu
Full Screen Mode

You want to choose the middle one which is full screen mode with menu, then you will get the grey background hiding the clutter behind. If you are not sure which buttons there are, hover over the button and let the tool tip appear.

You can tell them as they are 3 small buttons in a row depicting what looks like the screen.


12-18-2005, 03:52 PM
Thanks a lot, Vicky! Much better now.. :)