View Full Version : php on localhost: screwed up linking

03-07-2012, 05:17 PM
About a year ago, I wrote a module in PHP for a membership register/login. I was not into MySQL at the time, so the database is a simple text file. Development was done on my website on a remote server using Safari.

I've recently installed MySQL 5.5 and enabled WebServer (MacBook OS 10.6). Having rewritten the registration pages, I proceeded to rewrite the login pages. The first login page is HTML using an input form that passes the info to a PHP page for processing.

The problem is, instead of loading the PHP on my localhost, it redirects to where I had the old module on my website.

I completely rewrote the HTML into a new document, renamed all the pages (including the redirect - action="login.php" changed to action="accept-member.php"). I also installed Firefox but same thing.

Even after changing the "action=" script, the browser still goes looking for "login.php" on my remote website.

This is driving me crazy and has brought my development to a standstill.

To any replies, I'm a SQL newbie.