View Full Version : Problems with Boot Camp on MBA13 (2011): Trackpad

02-15-2012, 08:56 PM
1. Apple's trackpad/touchpad drivers for Windows are borderline atrocious, not half as good as the OS X ones. Anyone know of any alternate drivers or updates? Maybe some settings we can alter?

Already checked out Trackpad++ Project [Home Page] (http://trackpad.powerplan7.com/) and it seems shady (mandatory install of companion app AND mandatory weekly updates else it stops working).

2. Apple pretty much installs every driver for every piece of hardware in the past 5 years leading to a mess in the Programs and Features pane. Is there a list of drivers that can be safely uninstalled?

3. Why does Windows 7 boot so slow in Boot Camp? Is it because of SSD alignment issues or perhaps EFI/MBR emulation? It takes about 45 seconds on my MBA (and it should only take ~ 20 seconds as thats the time it takes on comparable ultrabooks)