View Full Version : Newbie iPhone 4s owner - only 1 photo showing in photo app..pls help!

10-17-2011, 08:44 AM

Iím new here so apologies if this post has gone into the wrong section.

Iíve just got the new iPhone 4s and am really liking it, itís my first iPhone so itís a massive novelty to me!

Iíve got a problem I need some help with though. Last night I uploaded lots of albums onto my phone and were viewing them fine but today I went to look at them and all I can see in one photo which has the Ďconstrainí box below. It gives me different size options but when I go to cancel the photo just stays there. I canít find a way to get back to view my albums! It seems Iíve gone onto editing but canít get out of it. Iíve tried everything, all the buttons, tapping the screen etc but nothing is working!

The pic thatís displayed is the one Iím currently using as my home lock screen pic, but I took it off thinking maybe thatís why but it made no difference.

So in a nut shell when I go to my photo app I can only see 1 pic, rather than several of my albums (they are def on the phone as they are viewable if I want to choose a pic from the albums as the wallpaper).

Does anyone have any ideas? Itís annoying me!