View Full Version : Google Plus 1 problems - iWeb 3.0.4

08-05-2011, 06:00 AM
Hello there all,

Desperately hoping that you might be able to help.

I'm trying to add a google plus 1 to my iweb page. I obtain and copy the code from google, open HTML snippet in iweb, paste the code and hit 'apply'.

As soon as I hit apply, I get a massive resize box onscreen. Once I trim it down, the plus 1 button is nowhere to be found!

The online tutorials make it look easy enough but then none of them suggest what to do when this happens. Freelance writer so desperate to get this working to improve my rankings.

Thanks all,


08-17-2011, 04:29 PM
Try this site. They have plugins for iWeb. Share button and Subscribe button generator - AddToAny (http://www.addtoany.com/buttons/)