View Full Version : rEFIt keeps booting into Windows instead of Ubuntu

The Technomance
03-27-2011, 11:43 PM
Alright, so I know almost nothing about Linux, Ubuntu, or the more advanced parts of computers in general. I've been trying to get Ubuntu 10.04 working on my MB 5.1. I made the partitions, created a linux-swap partition and formatted the main one as EXT4, the entire Ubuntu installation went off without a hitch. But now I can't seem to boot into it. Every time I do, it boots into my Win7 partition instead. I've shut down my computer completely and restarted it, and whenever I select Ubuntu in rEFIt it boots to windows instead. I've blessed the Ubuntu partition, and checked that my partition tables are synced.
One person on the Ubuntu forums posted with a similar problem a long time ago, and solved it by uninstalling and reinstalling rEFIt. No such luck for me.

I really appreciate any help with this problem, its driving me nuts. But please tell me how to find anything you need to know explicitly.

03-28-2011, 10:48 PM
If rEFIt won't boot Ubuntu it's because the partition is likely not bootable. Make sure you have GRUB installed correctly and on the right partition. I usually advise someone who wishes to use Ubuntu along with OS X to forgo creating a swap partition or one for "home" as it only adds to the complexity. You only need one partition.

Besides, the modern versions of Ubuntu run fine without a swap or home partition. I've run it that way with only 512MB of memory.