View Full Version : Imap/Pop accounts that can't be answered

02-13-2011, 01:27 PM
After three days of trying every setting and talking to everyone at Apple short of Steve Jobs, there seems to be no answer!

This is what I would like to do if possible: Have all my accounts synced through my Iphone, to Mac Mail 2.0, to the server.

Example: I have an email on my phone.....I delete that email, and I wanted deleted from the Iphone, Mail 2.0, and also the server. And anything else I do with emails on my Iphone to also sync with Mail 2.0 and the server.

Emails I have: Gmail (IMAP), AOL (IMAP), ME (IMAP), Yahoo (won't IMAP in 2.0 without upgrade, just want it on Iphone and server to sync not 2.0), and lastly Comcast (POP, but will probably import into Gmail....Not now though! haha)

Is any of this possible? I tried every setting on the Iphone, 2.0, and server store messages here, move messages here, do this after a week, do that after a month, do this never, etc, etc, etc. I can't get it! The most frustrating thing I have ever experienced with a phone. Thanks in advance.