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08-03-2005, 12:39 AM
rs2sensen hey Robert
Robert Hey :)
Robert Some one took my forum name rob >:(
rs2sensen hmmm
Robert FSC_Graphite: Put me in another podcast :P
rs2sensen yeah, I've been lucky. I've been in every one
Robert I was in 2 :D
rs2sensen well, Graphite has 39 minutes by my watch, or he lied
sarahsboy18 heh
Robert ;O
Robert 39 mins for what? :o
dtravis7 PodCast #9
Robert :D
* Robert opens iTunes
rs2sensen its not there
rs2sensen the second it was, graphy would be here
* dtravis7 is listening to episode 8 by graphite from FSC Mac Forums RSS Pod Cast
dtravis7 I want #9
dtravis7 !!!
Robert I WANT TO BE IN #9!
Robert :P
Robert I shal start making podcasts.
rs2sensen lol
Robert As soo as my new mac arrives :D
Robert soon*
Robert What is the command for what I am listing to again?
Robert I forgot
Robert And no, it is not /quit :P
rs2sensen dsfdsaf /music
dtravis7 slash itunes
Robert * iTunes :Unknown command
Robert * music :Unknown command
Robert :o
rs2sensen or slash music is shorter
dtravis7 the slash key
dtravis7 forward shash
Robert I am not on a Mac currently :P
rs2sensen ah
dtravis7 oh
dtravis7 PC?
Robert Windows Vista :o
rs2sensen I think I :P at u!
dtravis7 you kidding?
Robert No, I am devolper(eek)
dtravis7 I am on Windows 2.1
sarahsboy18 lol
dtravis7 Wow such multicasting
Robert And when I get my mac, I am gonna start in Xcode :P
dtravis7 opps
rs2sensen MS DOS all the way
dtravis7 tasking
dtravis7 DOS RULEZ
sarahsboy18 no no... PC Dos
sarahsboy18 that was was pimpin'
dtravis7 CPM 86
Robert OMG 1337 HAX0R!
rs2sensen lol
Robert :P
* rs2sensen has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))
dtravis7 Quick and Dirty DOS
iWhat *waves bye bye to rs2*
dtravis7 by Tim Patterson
sarahsboy18 he'll be back
dtravis7 he will be back
dtravis7 hahahaha
Robert :o
* rs2sensen (~John@dpc67143154059.direcpc.com) has joined #Mac-Forums
Robert :P
dtravis7 here is comes
rs2sensen what happened?
dtravis7 it said your end reset
dtravis7 rs2sensen left the chat room. (9:27PM) Reason: Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)
rs2sensen weird
Robert :P
Robert God, I hate Windows.
dtravis7 yeah that Vista has such POWER!!!!
Robert Robert God, I hate Windows.
Robert :P
dtravis7 I have to install Windows 2k Adavaced Server tonight on a server. wish me luck
Robert LOL
rs2sensen ****, I thought Graphite did something, so I ran to iTunes and it update
Robert A windows server?
Robert GG.
dtravis7 ahhahahaha
Robert :P
dtravis7 actually it's pretty stable
dtravis7 amazing
dtravis7 3 years uptime
Robert Use Linux, I do :P
dtravis7 upgrading motherboard and cpu so have to do a repair
Robert Linux I say!
dtravis7 I use Slackware and OSX for me
Robert I use Slackware, Vista, and XP
Robert And soon OSX
dtravis7 had really good luck with Slack
* Robert waits by the mail box each day
Robert :P
dtravis7 I did that when my first G4 was on it's way hee
dtravis7 here
dtravis7 waited for the FedEx truck all day till it came
rs2sensen Yeah, computers and Saxes, its the same for me
dtravis7 with me computers and Guitars
dtravis7 I like the Sax but can't play it
rs2sensen I have several guitars, but I can't play them
iWhat I'm good at clapping.
dtravis7 :-)
Just thought I would share how borring it is, so come on! More peole gotta get on!