View Full Version : CoreImage Based, PhotoShop/Painter Contender

07-23-2005, 01:23 PM
I am currently working on an image manipulation program that wears the joyful name of ChocoFlop. I am working on it these days and just setup a website: http://www.chocoflop.com/. Of course it is based on the new CoreImage technology (and thus requires 10.4)

I'd just like to know what do you people think about it. It's not released yet, but you can see some screenshots of the dev version in the news and read the features/goal. A beta release is coming soon.

What features do you consider the most important? Also do you think there would be interest in such software? Knowing that this will cost something like 30 Euros versus 1000 for Photoshop... I know most people cannot afford a photoshop license, however piracy does hurt small developers (why would you buy anything cheap if you could steal something expensive).

Your comments are welcome!