View Full Version : Peripheral 4 Peripherals--What Do U Think??

09-18-2010, 11:16 PM
Combine Collective (http://combinecollective.ca/)

I love this peripheral that puts my wireless keyboard, trackpad, and remote together in a really beautiful frame. My techie juices are itching to get this, but my thoughtful side has a few reservations. I would love some thoughts from others to help me to make a good decision. I have an extra 100$ right now that I probably won't have for months after this. My questions have to do with proximity and angle. Is the space for the track pad too close to the keyboard? When you use your trackpad, do you keep it parallel to the keyboard, or do you turn it at a slight angle? Since it is impossible to try this before I get it, I want to make sure I am not sacrificing practicality for beauty. If I can get both, awesome!! Thanks in advance for your responses!