View Full Version : Wireless/Airport issue

07-22-2010, 11:15 AM
so i've been having a problem with my wireless and airport for over a month now. Whenever i turn my computer on or wake it from sleep, the airport will be on, but is not working. My browser for example says there is no connection. To fix this issue i turn my airport off and on a few times and eventually it will work. However i am getting sick and tired of doing this song and dance several times a day and i was wondering if any of you know a fix.

just a little more info about my issue is this same problem happens on 3 separate computers in my house (2 macbooks, and an imac) as well as on windows (accessed through bootcamp on one of the laptops). I also have 2 separate wireless networks in my house from 2 different routers made by different companies.

so if any of you can help me out i would be very thankful.

oh, and also i am not very good with computers, so i'd appreciate it if you worded your answers with all steps included (even the mundane), thanks :D