View Full Version : Is Tiger or my Mini G4 to blame?

07-07-2010, 01:08 AM
I just got a new MacBook Pro and Airport Extreme and set up a home network. Attached to the AE using a self-powered 3-port USB hub are a Lacie hard drive, a Samsung multifunction printer, and a Mini G4 running OS Tiger.

The MacBook connects to the internet, hard drive, and printer flawlessly. The Mini is another story: it connects to the internet and hard drive fine, but the printer is giving it multiple kernel panics, i.e. I've seen the multi-language translucent screen telling me I "must" shut down the Mini too many times when the printer is on.

1) Any suggestions about why my Mini (or Tiger?) hates being wirelessly connected to the printer, and what I can do?

2) If I can't remedy this, what can I plug into the printer USB port to get wireless access for my Macbook (by having it plugged into the Airport) AND have it plugged into my Mini?

3) Also: any ideas why, when I have two external drives attached to the Airport (using a hub), my Macbook will "see" both of them whereas my Mini will only see one of them?