View Full Version : HD capturing in FCP splits at scene detection?

06-05-2010, 03:55 PM
Capturing HD in FCP keeps splitting the footage when the scene changes ending up with many clips. Is there a way to just capture it all in one track please?
Thank you

06-05-2010, 06:55 PM
I'm assuming you're using a camcorder that records in AVCHD on an SD card or a hard drive within the camera - FCP actually doesn't do scene detection (at least not for AVCHD based recordings - I don't use tape any more, so I can't comment on log and capture functionality). I think what you're running into is that you press record - record for a bit, pause recording, then press record to start recording again, etc. which is what I think you're considering a scene change.

Each time you do that, your camcorder is actually creating a new file and new playlist entries that reflects the recording. FCP isn't breaking your recording into multiple takes, it's being done by your camcorder. FCP imports each playlist of files as one take - that's normal (ie: if you record something long, like a wedding or graduation, where you wouldn't start and stop recording repeatedly, you'd have several mts files in the AVCHD hierarchy, but the files are recognized as actually one long event - this is caused by the playlist within the AVCHD hierarchy.) It's not like tape where you're continuing on the same tape and unless you put flags in or have software that will auto do scene detection that can detect start/stops in recording, etc.

as a simple example, I had done some test footage with my camcorder, each record length was about 30-40 seconds. All of those recordings would fit easily within a single file on a Fat32 formatted SD card, but because I stopped recording then started recording for each of those clips, I had several very small clips on my card and playlist entries that reflected that each of those recordings were independent. Another recording I did was 1 hr 20 minutes long - it had several files on the SD card due to the limits in single file size on a storage medium using FAT, but when imported - since it was a single long recording - all of the files were properly chained together into a single long clip.

Your best option that I can think of at the moment would be to import the footage, highlight all of the footage and drag it into the sequence, then export the sequence to a quicktime movie so you now have a single large video clip of all of your recordings from your memory card rather then several independent ones.

Once that single large one is done, drag it into your project, and if you want you can delete your original imports.