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06-18-2005, 11:29 PM
I have used premiere for windows a few years ago. I was actually pretty good at it. It seems like i have lost all my know how with this program. I know that when you want to use a transition you need to put it between video 1 and 1a. For some reason premiere won't let me slide my clips so they can overlap and for some type of transition. How can i set up my clips so that they are overlapping?
question #2
when i capture and watch footage is seems to be interlaced. i can see a bunch of horizontal line throughout the footage. What is causing this? Is this normal?
question #3
i want to export to a dvd using idvd or some other program. i want people to be able to jump to different chapters on the dvd. can i make one big project and just add some type of marker that represents different chapters? do i have to make a bunch of different projects and just drag them onto idvd?
question #4
when i capture footage the audio goes out on the computer. It captures the audio when i replay the footage but i can't hear it while it is capturing. is this normal? can i change this?
question #5
when im playing a clip is appears to be jerky. i know when i used the windows version of premiere i checked or unchecked some checkbox and everything was fine. can anyone help me out?

i know i have alot of questions. i hope someone takes the time to reply to some of these.