View Full Version : H.264 encoding not optimized?

06-15-2005, 11:54 AM
Hi all

I was encoding some movies with QT using H.264 and I noticed, that process was taking between 15-20% of CPU resources. In contrast if I encode MPEG2 with compressor its up to 100%.

my guess is, that compression code is not optimized yet? may be thats why it takes so long to encode. it simply does not use all the resources of the computer?!

what you think?

I noticed that it went up to 100% within 30 minutes and stably stayed there. I was wrong, it seems to manage resources quite well. I em encoding several files at the same time. each file seems to have separate process called quicktimehelper. CPU power seems to be equally split between these processes. (activity monitor)
good job apple