View Full Version : External Hard Drive/Time Machine Problem

05-05-2010, 10:34 PM
I have searched for this problem, but can't seem to find anyone with these symptoms.

I have a 250gb hard drive which I use as a Time Machine backup. I also use this drive to save my torrents to. I have noticed that many of my torrents seem to not save to their destination on said hard drive. I use Transmission for my torrenting needs, and when I right click "View in Finder" I can locate the file, but it is not where I have told Transmission to save it. It's saved in a folder with the same name as the one it's supposed to be in. I click "Get Info" and the path to the file says "volumes/Trents Time Machine3/Movies.

Trents Time Machine3? The drive is called Trents Time Machine, and it seems to affix a number as a suffix sometimes. It has also named itself Trents Time Machine 2 and 4. (Doesn't ACTUALLY rename itself, such as when I see it in Finder under Devices.

Seem weird? Here's what's REALLY throwing me off: the file is actually saved onto my internal hard drive. When I navigate between the file and my external drive, the available space at the bottom of the page switches accordingly to which drive it is accessing. When I drag the files onto the external hard drive, it copies them over, as opposed to just redirecting them to different folders that it usually does when moving within the same drive.