View Full Version : .MOV to .SWF??

06-12-2005, 02:31 AM
i wanna put a movie i made in final cut pro on newgrounds and other flash animation sites...but they only allow .swf files so is there any way possible to switch the .mov to a .swf also i have MX flash pro 2004, (but dont use it)
if that helps
thanks in advance :dive:

06-12-2005, 09:40 AM
Unless there is an import function in Flash MX that allows you to import .mov then no

06-12-2005, 09:47 AM
There is an option in Flash MX that allows you to do that, just check review the help files.
EDIT: Just create a new Flash file and select Import to stage... from File menu. Trail and error for the best bitrate.

06-12-2005, 11:40 AM
if you import the .mov that way its going to create a new frame in flash for every frame in your movie...and there isnt going to be any sound...what you need is a 3rd party application like squeeze (I also feel that my marketing communications background, as well as my first-hand knowledge of chiropractic care) you will then be able to import your.mov file compress it and export it as a .flv ( flash video file ) then when your in flash you can just add a new media component link it to your file and your all set...then export the file as a .swf the only problem with this route is that you are going to end up with 2 files...your .swf and your .flv cause all flash is doing is linking it to the video file...there are other ways of doing it but its going to take you alot of flash work and if you dont know alot about flash !

06-12-2005, 03:42 PM
but will the .swf file have sound?
and were can i find squeeze version tracker didn't have it?

06-22-2005, 06:50 PM
after effects can export to swf. It does have sound, however you really need to tweak the **** out of it to get it a decent size.

06-24-2005, 06:24 AM
Video to Flash Converter by geovid converts .mov files (also avi, asf...) to swf. It provide SWF file ready for the web. I like it.