View Full Version : How is the text size with a 20" ACD?

12-21-2009, 09:10 PM
Ive lived my life with 1440x900 on the MBP 15.4" display. I find it to be absolutly perfect for webdesign. High resolution enough to have some landscape to work with but low resolution enough that I can see the detail of alot of imaes and logos without having to zoom in too much.

I recently upgraded to a 15.6" 1680 resolution laptop (non mac-argh) and I found it to be simply too high of a resolution to work in well.

I was thinking of going up to a 20" ACD with 1680 resolution (therefore spreading that same resolution over much larger screen real estate).

Was wondering how people find the resolution, do you guys find it to be workable?