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05-03-2009, 02:31 PM
So I recently attempted installing windows into my imac with bootcamp. It didn't work because it turned out to only be SP1. So I cancelled installation once it started to fail and i went and deleted the Windows HD thing on my desktop thinking that that would be the end of any problems. But one day i had to restart my mac and a black screen came up saying No bootable device_insert boot disk & press any key. So i started to freak out because i thought i ruined or broke my mac. but i remembered you had to press option to choose either Mac or Windows for your OS. I did and i picked mac which was the only one i could pick because i deleted windows....

Now after that lengthy wordy explanation to my problem the basic question is. How do I get rid of the "No bootable device" phrase so i can restart or shutdown my mac without having to hold the option key when it reboots..... any help would be grateful:D