View Full Version : SP3 Update Problem in Boot Camp

03-17-2009, 06:26 PM
I'm operating a MacBook Pro with Mac OS 10.5.6. I removed a Windows partition that I had been operating smoothly for 1.5 years in order to reinstall. I can reinstall Windows fine and update the Boot Camp files using my Leopard disc. However, whenever I try to update Windows with SP3 while running Windows XP, I get the following message :

C:\WINDOWS\$NtServicePackUninstall$ Setup requires minimum of 4 additional MB of free space or if you want to archive for uninstallation 4 additional MB of free space.

I have tried to update using the "Express Install" option for Windows update. I have used a copy of XP SP3 that I downloaded from my earlier successful installation of Boot Camp and Windows (though I did install it under OS 10.4.x).

I even went so far as to uninstall Boot Camp again and reinstall everything anew. I get the same message from the "Express Install" option. I also downloaded SP3 as a separate file and tried several times to install it. I always get the same message. The message is ridiculous since I have 26 GB of available space in the Boot Camp partition.

Any thoughts?

03-17-2009, 06:53 PM
This happens because iMac uses EFI file format which Windows XP does not support. To workaround this problem, add a registry key as follows:

1. Click Start - Run - Type “regedit” and press enter.

2. Navigate to

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Curr entVersion\Setup]


3. In the right pane, Right-click and select New - String value

4. Name it as “BootDir” and set its value to “C:\”

This should help. Try installing SP3 and should work fine.