View Full Version : Spammers Tricky - Check Thread Dates

02-12-2009, 08:14 AM
Don't let the spammers win!

The spammers are getting tricky on how to have their posts remain on boards that actively delete them and working overtime to figure out ways to avoid deletion.

Especially posts on "How do I convert avi to...".

Watch these particularly. Spammers are finding out the blatant spam gets deleted. What they're doing now is locating existing posts with these questions, many of them months and years old and then responding with disguised posts.

Watch them, it will look like a helpful response, the poster will have less than 10 posts, but the thread will be possibly many months old. Check the dates on the original posts.

The spammer will often have something like:
ffmpeg is free
But xyzf software works great and does everything.

When the regulars then come and make another post right after it, you're helping the spammer hide his post and helping in keeping it an active thread for others to find the spam link.

Keep an eye out. When you run across them, use that report button to alert the mods (the one with the exclamation point). None of them have time to read every post made and it'll help maintaining a spam free environment for us all.

02-12-2009, 01:01 PM
I thought somebody pointed this out already? Regardless, another reminder is only bound to help :D

I've been reporting these suckers every time I run into one.