View Full Version : A few simple Q's from newbie!

01-04-2009, 06:53 PM
Please feel free to move if in the wrong forum.

I will try to keep this simple. I've not been able to connect to my wireless network at home and have a Belkin router, and the new mac os 5.5.

In airport utilities it keeps picking up a base station and giving it my name and asking for me to create a password, which i have and i have got onto the internet wirelessly. Thing is I don't have a airport extreme base station or any other apple products in the house.

Q1) So...how far can a apple extreme base station be picked up from? the base station was FIRST shown straight away after connecting my ethernet cable.

Q2) Was this a coincedence or is the airport thinking my router is an apple device?

Also while trying to connect to my network a few days ago I created a something within the security, sorry to be vague but I don't know what it is. Either way I have no renamed my network and although airport picks up the new name when scanning the old one is still in security.

The steps are go to airport click join other network then if i change the security to 802.1X it brings up username, password and then 802.1X (all fields are blank) and it is set to automatic but if i click this it brings up WPA and my old network name.

When this is done it fills the username and password fields, however, these were wrong and it didn't work.

My question is how do i delete the WPA: (my network name) option?

and lastly, my belkin router is g enabled but the new mac uses 802.1x n, is this the reason why i can't connect? does my router need to be an n router?

Thankyou so much for reading, sorry it is long i just wanted to give as much info to help explain things,