View Full Version : Is airport configeration stopping wireless connection?

01-01-2009, 10:50 AM

I'm having trouble connecting to my wireless network and have exhausted all options. I'm resulting to ordering a new router but just wondering if the problem could be to do with the airport settings on my mac.

When I first set it up I (somewhere) chose to use my airport to connect to the internet by replacing an existing base station, something like that.

But I think I should have chose the option I have a wireless nework connect to that. Now that option is not there, it only comes up with 3 rather than 4.

I have disabled the network security, changed wep and wpa passwords and everytime the connection fails.

I can connect wirelessly to Applenetworkbf123.

This network only became visible after i connected the mac via ethernet and the network has stayed but the signal is bad. I'm not sure if this is the mac thinking my router is a apple base station or if it was a mere conincedence and a neighbour has got one and its picking up the signal.

PLEASE HELP!!! I'm really starting to think I should hire a professional lol I thought this was sussposed to be easy!!