View Full Version : Wireless printer setup problem

12-14-2008, 10:58 AM

I have the following setup:

Broadband cable modem >>>airport extreme>>>Imac (mac os 10.5.5.) I also installed a Lexmark x4550 wireless printer. I have had no problem setting up the base station and the wireless printer with the Imac. What killed my night yesterday was setting up my macbook to the same wireless printer. I have had printer access before with the same printer and same macbook but lost my setup last night when attempting to configure a game adapter for a blu ray player (another story).

The macbook "sees" the printer when going into system preferences>>>printer & fax>>>add printer, but when I attempt to print from Firefox or Safari, the browser "hangs up" and crashes. I must be getting old, as I know I had this problem once before and fixed it, just can't remember how!!! :Grimmace: Any help would be appreciated.