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07-07-2008, 12:29 PM
For sometime now, I have been using my own artwork for the tunes that I have. These are melodies taken from my own CD's. I have not downloaded any songs from the Store.
If I have say, half a dozen pieces from Joe Bloggs and the Gargles, I might select six different images from the Web to use as artwork.
For the purpose of selecting a bunch of tunes as a 'playlist', I named the 'Albums' for a number of songs as, for example, 'Scottish Yodelling' or the 'Album Artist' as 'Hairy Kneed Vocalists'. All this was done from inside iTunes.
Subsequently, I have deleted this info, so that the 'Album' or 'Album Artist' was blank.
I hope that I am explaining this clearly.....
The problem that I've now got is that all the melodies by Joe Bloggs and Co. all have the same image rather than six different ones.
Is there any way that I can fix this?
Thanks in advance. Mitcherooney