View Full Version : HELP>>>Router Problems

04-29-2008, 10:39 AM
I recently upgraded my router to a D-Link DIR-615 and upon set up I ran into a problem, I was able to connect to the router as long as I did not add any security to the router, if i did I could only connect one computer wirelessly in WEP ( both 64 and 128 bit ) its running 10.5, I switched to WEA Personal and same thing, I reset all parts of the network and started over same thing, I then called D-Link tech support and after 2 hrs on the phone with them was told to contact apple to see how to set up the router ( I thought that was why I contacted D-Link ) my bad LOL....well anyway I am going to take the router back and would like to know what router would work good with a wide range of macs I have from 350 MHz G3 to a G5 and Pc's as well. so I am running airport and airport extreme wi-fi is any one running into problems with security not allowing computers to log into a secure network.
Any help would be great