View Full Version : iPhone + T-Mobile Suggestions Please??

04-18-2008, 05:32 AM
I am a recent (9 months) convert to Mac and I love it. I want to get an iPhone to consolidate my iPod and my Blackberry curve, but I have some problems.

I'm pretty locked into my contract with T-mobile.. As in 1.4 years or so. As everyone knows, T-Mobile doesn't have 3g, just EDGE. However, I see that the iPhone doesn't support 3g anyway, although the next version might.

With ziphone.org's software promising simple unlocks of an iPhone, I'm extremely tempted to buy an iPhone from Apple and just use it with T-Mobile. However, the 16 gig costs $550 after tax, and 8gig is $450. With all these "rumors" going around that T-Mobile may go 3.5g, and that Apple might make a 3g phone with GPS, video, etc..

Basically I'm asking.. What would you do? I have the money to spend, but is it worth waiting for?

Do I splurge, get the iPhone, unlock it and void the warranty, or do I hold off and for how long?

04-18-2008, 10:14 PM
First of all we are not allowed to talk about unlocking iPhones,

but I am on the same boat as you and I just decided to wait out my T-mobile contract and buy the 3G when I can. (It should be out mid time this year, May-Julyish) (but that is rumors)