View Full Version : airport extreme and xbox 360

04-12-2008, 07:40 PM
hey guys. i'm new here and just have a question. i'm looking to buy the airport extreme this summer. i'll be moving in with some guys for college. i know connecting the xbox 360 to the base shouldn't be a problem. but has anyone had any experience connecting their 360 wirelessly to one? and more importantly, we will be connecting 4 360's so should that cause any trouble?

04-13-2008, 03:40 AM
Connecting it with Microsofts wireless receiver should not be a problem. (I do it myself) just find the connection, type in the password, and the xbox remembers the network. The only problem is the dang thing costs an extra $100. But as for connecting four at once. That could be a problem depending on how you link them up. The airport only has 3 ports in the back, so you could only wire 3, but if you ran at least one wireless, then 4 should work. And the airport is fast enough to were there would be zero lag in a LAN.