View Full Version : Strange networking problem

Captain Scampi
04-04-2008, 07:48 PM

Here is my problem:

New Mac Pro with airport (arrived yesterday) - trying to connect to an existing wireless network which works happily for 1 desktop PC, 3 laptop PCs, 1 iPhone, 1 Sony PS3 and 1 Wii.

Wired access is and has always been so slow as to be unusable (3 mins to load Google homepage with 8MB ISP); though wireless is peachy.

Security is set to 40/64 bit WEP (I know - I should firm that up a bit).

When the Mac tries to connect, I get prompted for the key (which is HEX) - I give it but the Mac moves to 'connection timeout'; though it doesn't seem to have waited very long (perhaps 5 seconds).

I have tried making sure that I let the Mac know the key string is a hex in the drop down and by using both $ and 0x prefixes - nothing works.

To cap it all, I have now connected it by ethernet to a pre-configured wireless bridge and it works fine. All well and good but I'd rather get some value out of the airport and get rid of the need to use the wireless bridge.

Any ideas? In the first instance, finding out how to extend the network negotiation time before 'connection timeout' is declared would be a good start.

Many thanks