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  1. Leaked photos show off mini-like rear case of Apple's supposed next-gen iPad
  2. Apple posts warning on dealing with spam text messages
  3. President Obama vetoes Samsung ban on Apple, Inc. iPhones, iPads
  4. Angry Apple makes hollow threat to bar Kindle, other ebook apps...
  5. Apple announces 'Takeback Program' for counterfeit USB power adapters
  6. iPhone sinks as Android seizes market share
  7. Rumor: More photos of alleged 'iPad 5' digitizer surface, show thinner bezels
  8. President Obama reportedly talks government surveillance with Apple's Cook, tech lead
  9. Apple to introduce next iPhone at Sept. 10th media event
  10. Rumor: New iPhones to debut as 'iPhone 5S' and 'iPhone 5C'
  11. Purported 'iPhone 5S' back panel hints at redesigned home button component
  12. Apple expands USB charger trade-in program to 30 countries
  13. Apple to offer 'iPhone 5S' in new gold color and 128GB storage option, insider says
  14. Apple on track to build 5.2M 'iPhone 5S,' 8.4M 'iPhone 5C' units this quarter
  15. Photos claim to show purported gold 'iPhone 5S' next to iPhone 5
  16. Apple working towards app-based content for dedicated TV set
  17. Photo claims to show dozens of 'iPhone 5C 'units passing through QA testing
  18. Apple's Siri now takes swipes at Google's 'half-empty' Glass
  19. 'Overwhelming response' leads to Apple limiting iWork for iCloud.com access
  20. Apple Confirms September 10th iPhone Event
  21. 2013 iMac Refresh?
  22. iPhone/iOS Presentation Discussion Thread
  23. iPhone 5S Touch ID hacked by fake fingerprints !!!!!
  24. Apple updates iMac with Haswell CPUs, 802.11ac Wi-Fi & GeForce 700 series graphics.
  25. iOS 7.0.2 now out addressing Security risk . . .
  26. Samsung trade-ins soar during iPhone 5S/5C launch
  27. Apple Is Now The World’s Most Valuable Brand, Surpassing Coca-Cola !!!
  28. AllThingsD Reports Apple iPad Event Oct 22nd
  29. Apple's multitouch 'Steve Jobs patent' revalidated in full by USPTO
  30. New Blog: Learning the Command Line ? File System
  31. Say goodbye to 15in Non-retina MBP
  32. New Blog: Learning the Command Line - Listing Files
  33. Learning the Command Line - File System
  34. Old MacPro is Gone!
  35. The Retina iPad Mini is now available on the Apple Store !!
  36. New Blog: Learning the Command Line - File Permissions
  37. Confessions of a Recovering Gear-aholic
  38. New Blog: Confessions of a Recovering Gear-aholic
  39. New Blog: These Permissions Are Not The Repairs You’re Looking For - A Critical Look
  40. Mac Pro CPU Upgradeability Confirmed With Processor Swap
  41. Rumor of new Mac Mini coming end of Feb..
  42. Apple feathers ruffled by Google’s Nest?
  43. New Blog: Learning the Command Line ? Shell Scripts
  44. What does and doesn't actually speed up your Mac
  45. Snow Leopard updates
  46. Tim Cook angrily rejects political proposal asking for profits-first policies
  47. Tim Cook calls Yukari Kane book Haunted Empire “nonsense”. . . ..
  48. New Slim 12" MacBook and MacBook Air Updates Soon
  49. Office for iPad Released
  50. WWDC 2014 Announced for June 2-6
  51. Apple notifies winners in the WWDC ticket lottery . . Did you get a Notification ??
  52. New Blog: Learning the Command Line - Bash Prompts (1)
  53. OS X Beta Seed now available to all
  54. Malware for Jailbroken iOS devices
  55. New MacBook Air Cheaper
  56. Review: Corel\'s Master your DSLR course (Part One)
  57. New Blog: Review: Corel's Master your DSLR course (Part One)
  58. Google buys Word Lens - Available Free Download
  59. New Blog: Experiencing the App Store: A Developer's Perspective and Rant
  60. Apple bringing a Wearable out in October for their new HealthKit ??
  61. Say goodbye to Aperture, Apple announces they won't continue to develop Aperture !!!
  62. New Blog: Learning the Command Line - Editing files
  63. Does Amazon sell newly released MBPs?
  64. The new debate...
  65. New Blog: Learning the Commandline ? Looking at files
  66. Apple will 'set the world on fire' with iPhone 6 sales
  67. Sign up for our Brief and be entered to win a $25 iTunes gift card!
  68. New Blog: Sign up for our Brief and be entered to win a $25 iTunes gift card!
  69. 12.9" iPad Pro
  70. new iphone 6
  71. Apple Watch
  72. Carriers rolling out exclusive iPhone 6 plans/deals
  73. NFC Restricted to Apple Pay
  74. MacWorld mag Online only in Nov.
  75. Reports of 6+ bending from being kept in people's pockets
  76. 27" Retina iMac
  77. Sign up for the Mac-Forums Brief emails
  78. New Blog: Sign up for the Mac-Forums Brief emails
  79. New 5K 27" iMac teardown by iFixit
  80. Apple Pay blocked at CVS, Rite Aid
  81. FTC: AT&T slowed speeds of unlimited data smartphone users
  82. Possible iOS8.1 Re-release?
  83. Apple in court over iTunes.
  84. CEOs Of Apple (AAPL), Facebook (FB), And Amazon (AMZN) Meet China’s Internet Chief
  85. Apple Hits 700 Billion!
  86. Zane Lowe leaves BBC Radio 1 for Apple
  87. MacBook Pro Repair Extension Program for Video Issues
  88. Apple "Spring Forward" Event
  89. Apple iPhone 7
  90. LG leaks 8k iMac?
  91. First Look at new 12-inch Retina MacBook
  92. New Blog: The Summer Server Project - Part One: Introduction
  93. Apple offers a new 5K 27" iMac . . .
  94. New Blog: The Summer Server Project - Part Two: VM Setup
  95. MacKeeper Refunds
  96. Never a better time to follow your Apple Development dreams !!!
  97. You Can Now Sideload Apps On iOS w/out a Developer Account !!
  98. Zero-day exploit lets App Store malware steal OS X and iOS passwords !!!
  99. TRIM (unsupported) is back with 10.10.4 released today
  100. Apple loses appeal on e-book price-fixing suit
  101. iOS 8.4 loses Home Sharing
  102. New Blog: The Summer Server Project - Part 3: It lives...and serves.
  103. New Blog: Transit is Here: Mac-Forums Offers Some Observations on the New Apple Maps
  104. Public betas of iOS 9 and El Capitan released today
  105. IBM to purchase Mac's for Employees
  106. thinking abut buying macbook pro 13 inch retina display
  107. Apple Pulls Old Purchased Items From Mac App Store
  108. Mac Book Pro 15 in
  109. Which Apps were removed from the App Store?
  110. IDG macworld iworld alternatives?
  111. Threat to remove headphone jack from future iPhone models
  112. New Blog: Life with a low-bandwidth connection
  113. New Blog: Why I keep Windows on my Mac
  114. Apple still Most Valuable Global Brand
  115. New Blog: Adding NTFS support to Mac OS X
  116. iPad Air 2 today or wait till march?
  117. New Blog: The dilemma of hardware upgrading
  118. Apple Ordered to Create a Backdoor
  119. New Blog: Taking Firefox for iOS 2.0 for a tour
  120. Apple iOS name change...
  121. Siri for Mac
  122. Security Update Breaks Ethernet Port on iMacs and MacBook Pros
  123. New Blog: Extending cellphone range — sort of
  124. 2016 MacBook Air -
  125. OWC Announces Aura Flash Storage Upgrades for Mid-2013 and Later Mac Laptops
  126. New Blog: Turning an iPhone into a landline handset
  127. The Keynote is on live now.
  128. New Blog: Managing storage with Dropbox synching
  129. New Blog: Mail, Thunderbird, and other email clients
  130. New Blog: A most under-rated personal computer
  131. Apple announces macOS Sierra, replacing OS X, and improvements to Photos
  132. New Blog: New report on OS X anti-malware apps
  133. New Blog: Mac Mini saves the day — for a Windows user
  134. Apple rebranding its stores
  135. Apple's new patent, #20160248769...
  136. Curious question...
  137. October 27th Event
  138. Apple prices in UK going up!
  139. New MBPro's are out but
  140. New Blog: Playing with the new iPhone 7
  141. downloading from iCloud
  142. I Pad Air 2
  143. Apple's Extended Holiday Return Policy
  144. Macbook Pro mid-2010 15" Randomly Reboots Twice
  145. Apple increases UK prices again
  146. New Apple File System (APFS)
  147. Seeing red...
  148. Mac Pro is dead, all hail the iMac!
  149. Apple gets permission to test autonomous cars
  150. GarageBand, iMovie, Keynote, Pages, and Numbers are now free for Mac and iOS
  151. Apple working on a money transfer mechanism?
  152. Here's the new stuff
  153. Apple announces name for next version of macOS
  154. I love Apple, but I hate iPhone 8
  155. macOS High Sierra APFS only support SSDs
  156. iPhone leaks before launch
  157. New Blog: Notes on the 2017 Apple iPhone event
  158. New Blog: First look at iOS 11
  159. "Apple: don't use Face ID on an iPhone X if you're under 13 or have a twin"
  160. Vintage and obsolete products
  161. Apple old iPhone slowdown feature
  162. Apple to drop intel chips... Going to chips made by ...Apple
  163. iOS 11.3 'breaks' iphone 8 report
  164. Second Class Action Suit Filed Against Apple Regarding Keyboards
  165. Apple Launches Repair Program for Faulty MacBook and MacBook Pro Keyboards
  166. Macbook Pro with up to 32GB of memory
  167. Potential good news on the hardware front
  168. The Apple Store is now just called Apple — and I'm two years late …
  169. Buying help needed please..