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  1. New Apple TV brings tighter Netflix integration
  2. iTunes 10.6 available, supports 1080p playback
  3. Long awaited iOS 5.1 will be online today
  4. Apple TV now treats DVD digital copies as iTunes purchases
  5. Intuit releases Lion Compatible Quicken Mac 2007
  6. Apple says new iPad response is "off the charts," preorders sold out
  7. Steve Jobs approached CBS to pitch subscription TV service
  8. URGENT:Malware purporting to be from Apple
  9. iPhone owner sues Apple over Siri
  10. Official announcement: new iPad to go on sale in 10 countries on Friday at 8 am
  11. Rumor: Apple to launch 15-inch MacBook Air in April, 'effectively killing the Pro'
  12. President Obama invites Apple design chief Jonathan Ive to state dinner
  13. Comparison finds iTunes 1080p video nears Blu-Ray Disc quality
  14. Mountain of iPad pre-orders cause shipment delays
  15. Apple Confirms Dividend and Share Repurchase Program
  16. Infrared images show new iPad screen running warm
  17. Another Air war: ultrabooks vs. MacBooks
  18. 4.6" screen for the iPhone 5?
  19. An app to heat your coffee on the iPad 3
  20. Apple job listings hint at future iOS telephony features
  21. Third-gen iPad reportedly shows inaccurate battery level while charging
  22. Ex Apple engineer claims Steve Jobs rejected new Apple TV UI 5 years ago
  23. 83 Year old woman alleges: Apple's windows too clean!
  24. Apple reportedly rejecting apps that access UDIDs
  25. Imuler Trojan Horse warning
  26. Sprint would be able to offer LTE iPhone
  27. 'Free on iTunes' goes MIA
  28. ACCC (The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) sues Apple over iPad '4G'
  29. Apple reveals more details about its fuel cell farm
  30. Apple to increase developer iAd revenue to 70%
  31. Apple to build 200K 15-in. MacBook Pros in April, 400K 13-in. units in June
  32. Rumor: Apple to release new iMacs with Core i5, i7 CPUs in June or July
  33. Flashback trojan reportedly controls half a million Macs and counting
  34. Apple readying overhaul of online educational storefront
  35. Apple exploring face detection to unlock, customize & interact with iOS devices
  36. Apple interested in wireless power for charging devices on store shelves
  37. AT&T to start unlocking off-contract iPhones
  38. New aerial images of Apple's planned NC fuel cell, solar farms emerge
  39. New Blog: Lost Harddrive Space?
  40. Apple's next iPhone predicted to have redesigned 'sleek' unibody case
  41. US carriers agree to national stolen phone database
  42. Apple to Provide Flashback Removal Tool
  43. Reuters: Justice Department ready to sue Apple over ebook price fixing (Updated)
  44. Apple rumored testing iTunes 11 with iCloud control
  45. Apple improving iTunes account security with stricter requirements
  46. Famous designer says Apple will reveal 'revolutionary' product within 8 months
  47. Apple CEO Tim Cook spotted at video game designer Valve's headquarters
  48. Apple rolls out new security measures for iTunes, App Store
  49. Apple rumored to launch with 6M of sub-$300 'iPad mini' this year
  50. Latest Mac trojan spreads through Microsoft Word documents
  51. Apple CEO will meet Samsung CEO....
  52. Apple working on new power management technology for future Macs
  53. Rumor: Apple's next iPhone to have glass replaced with Liquidmetal
  54. Apple encouraging iCloud upgrades with free Snow Leopard for MobileMe users
  55. Apple's next iPhone expected to launch in October with Qualcomm LTE chip
  56. New Blog: Sly’s Quick Tips – It’s All About Options and Preferences
  57. Apple predicted to discontinue 17-inch MacBook Pro
  58. Rumor: iPhoto '12 for Mac coming this summer with features from iOS
  59. New Blog: Sly's Quick Tips -Multitasking Probably Isn’t Killing Your iPhone’s Battery
  60. Foxconn Brazil workers reportedly threaten strike over working conditions
  61. Apple reportedly in talks with EPIX over content for new TV
  62. New Blog: Learning the Command Line (Part One)
  63. Flashback OS X malware estimated to net authors $10K per day
  64. U.S. Senator 'livid' about Apple's U.S. tax dealings
  65. Apple expected to expand store-within-store presence at Walmart, Target
  66. Apple stores preparing for ‘something big’ soon
  67. Apple television not expected to 'break the bundle' from cable
  68. Apple shows continued interest in haptic touchscreen fingertip feedback
  69. Rumor: Apple's next iPhone will be 2mm thinner with 4" screen, metal back
  70. New Blog: Playing YouTube Videos in VLC
  71. Apple update exposes Lion login passwords in clear text
  72. New Blog: Cargo-Bot, the iPad Game Programmed on the iPad
  73. Apple accidentally reveals iCloud.com banner notifications
  74. iPod owners notified of class-action antitrust suit against Apple's iTunes
  75. Apple's next iPhone coming in September, 7" iPad launching in August - report
  76. New Blog: Cooler Master ARC Review
  77. Apple mapping a future without Google in iOS 6?
  78. New Blog: Make The Most Of Spotlight
  79. New Blog: Wake Up Folio by Cooler Master
  80. Apple rumored to be in talks to acquire German HDTV maker Loewe
  81. Apple Starts Changing iPad WiFi + 4G Name To WiFi + Cellular
  82. Apple to launch photo sharing functionality in iCloud at WWDC
  83. Rumor: Apple's 7.85" iPad will use thin-film touch technology
  84. iPhone orders 'significantly' reduced as Apple begins prepping for next-gen model
  85. Apple to debut thinner Retina Display MacBook Pros at WWDC
  86. Apple rumored to switch to Nvidia graphics for new MacBook Pros
  87. Apple, Disney working to bring WatchESPN app to Apple TV
  88. Remote control iPad interface reportedly outlined for rumored Apple HDTV
  89. WSJ: iPhone 5 getting 4-inch+ screen
  90. Users raise questions about Apple's security after iCloud hacks
  91. Analysis: Now is the time to buy Apple stock
  92. Mac App Store apps begin to comply with sandboxing rule ahead of deadline
  93. Apple to gain ownership of iphone5.com domain
  94. Steve Jobs wanted to build 'iCar,' Apple board member says
  95. New Blog: Simple Print Server using Automator and Dropbox
  96. Apple shows interest in iOS stylus with optical sensor, haptic feedback
  97. New Blog: Choosing a Digital Camera
  98. Apple reportedly manufacturing test batch of first smart TVs
  99. Purported iOS 6 screenshots claim to show Apple's new Maps app
  100. Apple CEO Tim Cook promises more social integration
  101. Tim Cook: Apple will show off 'cool ideas' for Siri in coming months
  102. Apple television announcement expected to precede launch by 2-6 months
  103. Alleged next-gen iPhone part shows aluminum back, smaller dock connector
  104. Tim Cook: "I want there to be" American-made Apple products
  105. Apple stores busy with secretive activity ahead of WWDC keynote
  106. Apple reportedly tried to keep Spotify out of U.S.
  107. America's first prepaid iPhone arrives on Cricket Wireless June 22
  108. Apple wants to reduce Bluetooth power consumption in portable devices
  109. Greatly enhanced iOS Maps, upgraded Camera & Photos apps expected at WWDC
  110. Facebook iOS integration to be announced at WWDC, report says
  111. 'Exciting' Sept. could see Apple intro new iPhone, iPad 'mini'
  112. Apple's iPad helps budget airline cut 2 tons of TVs
  113. Apple quietly publishes public guide to iOS security
  114. Siri coming to iPad with iOS 6, sources claim
  115. iOS 6 expected to share new features in Mountain Lion
  116. Rumor: Apple digital storefronts to get makeovers
  117. September launch of 'iPad mini' seen boosting education sales
  118. Prepaid iPhone coming to Virgin Mobile USA by July - report
  119. Purported 13" MacBook Pro specs show USB 3.0, Ivy Bridge, no Retina display
  120. Demand for Kindle Fire collapses as Apple's iPad continues to dominate
  121. Apple expected to upgrade next-gen iPhone display to 4" with 16:9 ratio - report
  122. Apple's next iPhone may sport HD-capable front camera, says analyst
  123. Apple Doubles Down On Secrecy with Inventory System Leaks Galore
  124. New Blog: More Spotlight Tips
  125. New Mac Pros rumored with 8-core Xeon E5 CPUs, Thunderbolt & USB 3.0
  126. Video shows purported next-gen iPhone 'uni-body' backplate in detail
  127. Apple's iPhone coming to Virgin Mobile with $30/mo. plans June 29
  128. Apple Agrees It Misled Consumers With WiFi + 4G And Accepts AU$2.25M Penalty
  129. Newly approved Mac App Store offering features 'Retina graphics'
  130. Apple to introduce apps SDK for Apple TV, report says
  131. Apple still expected to retire 17-inch MacBook Pro in 2012
  132. New Blog: Putting Your Apps on a Diet
  133. Passbook creates unified location for pass-storing
  134. Apple unveils new Maps app in iOS 6
  135. Apple details Facebook integration in iOS and OS X
  136. FaceTime updated with cellular support, unified Apple ID
  137. Apple unveils vew version of Safari that syncs tabs, supports gestures
  138. Siri gets a number of changes, will be coming to third-generation iPad
  139. Apple introduces Power Nap at WWDC 2012
  140. Apple's new Passbook for iOS 6 organizes tickets, store cards, more
  141. Apple launches all-new AirPort Express
  142. Apple announces Mountain Lion will be available in July for $19.99
  143. Apple introduces $10 MagSafe 2 adapter
  144. Mac Pro gets an unannounced speed bump
  145. Apple introduces Smart Case for iPad
  146. First look: Apple's Clock app comes to iPad with iOS 6
  147. Apple Says New Models, Designs for iMac, Mac Pro In Works, Due in 2013
  148. Shipping time for new Retina display MacBook Pro slips to 2-3 weeks
  149. Apple pulls Messages for Mac beta ahead of Mountain Lion
  150. Getting ready for Mountain Lion: checking for compatibility
  151. TomTom, Apple sign global agreement for map data in iOS 6
  152. Apple's new Ivy Bridge-powered MacBook Pro, Air benchmarked
  153. App Store, iTunes & iBook stores redesigned & improved in iOS 6
  154. Users reporting boot failures after installing Thunderbolt software update
  155. iOS 6 Maps turn-by-turn requires iPhone 4S, iPad 2 or later
  156. FaceTime over 3G with iOS 6 limited to iPhone 4S, iPad 3
  157. Apple seeks '.apple' domain suffix for websites
  158. Apple rumored to pay at least $150 for MacBook Pro Retina Display panels
  159. Rendered photos depict assembled next-gen iPhone [u]
  160. Tim Cook confirms updated Mac Pro coming in 2013
  161. Teardown of Retina MacBook Pro finds soldered RAM, proprietary SSD
  162. Apple interested in swappable iPhone camera lenses
  163. Future iPhones could broadcast preferred communication mode, network status
  164. Apple expected to launch 13" Retina MacBook Pro by early Oct.
  165. With iOS 6, Apple devices will receive national emergency alerts
  166. Apple planning to launch standalone podcast app in iOS 6
  167. Mountain Lion will be Tamed on the 19th July . . . 4 weeks until Launch !!!!!!
  168. Teardown of non-Retina MacBook Pro finds thicker RAM slots, hard drive
  169. Apple initiates employee hardware discount program
  170. Apple's new MacBook Pro with Retina Display can power 3 external monitors
  171. Apple retail workers get significant pay bumps up to 25% of current wages
  172. Fury at Apple's 'rip-off' plan to make ALL iPhone accessories obsolete by changing de
  173. Apple's new iPad estimated to cost $1.36 per year to charge
  174. New Blog: OS X Lion Server Part 01 – What Type of Server
  175. Retina display image retention reported by new MacBook Pro owners
  176. Apple tones down language touting OS X security measures
  177. Apple's standalone Podcasts app for iOS is out
  178. New Blog: Back It Up Part 1
  179. Apple patent batch includes inductive charging, antenna-equipped dock
  180. Bloomberg: Apple planning major overhaul of iTunes
  181. Apple Testing New Genius Bar Layout
  182. Apple reminds customers that iWork.com will shutter July 31
  183. iCloud Beta site reveals new web-based Notes, Reminders
  184. Apple interested in dual-mode wireless, wired headset for iPhone
  185. Rumor: Apple readying minor revisions to new iPad battery, lens
  186. Apple looking to simplify setup of home theater surround sound
  187. Bill Gates: There is 'a strong possibility' Apple needs a Surface-like device
  188. First iOS Malware Discovered in Apple App Store
  189. Will Apple take over the TV market?
  190. Apple could revert to one backlight for current-gen iPad
  191. Apple Cracking Down On Sites Selling Access To iOS Betas
  192. New Blog: OSX Lion Server Part 02 – Getting the Network Right
  193. iOS 6 beta hints Apple Maps could come to Mac OS X
  194. Mountain Lion GM out . . . . . Not long now !!!!
  195. Apple seeds GM of Mountain Lion, Xcode 4.4 to developers
  196. Apple wins patent on Passbook-style 'iTravel' concept
  197. Apple's next iPod nano may resemble tiny iPhone, feature dedicated iTunes service
  198. City of SF won't buy Macs without EPEAT certification
  199. Purported 13" Retina MacBook Pro benchmarks appear, launch rumored before Oct.
  200. Apple investigating noise-reducing windscreen case for iPhone
  201. Apple wins sixth solar power patent
  202. New Java malware attacks Apple's OS X along with Windows, Linux
  203. Mountain Lion update page confirms incompatibility with older Macs
  204. New 'Food & Drink' category goes live on Apple's App Store
  205. Apple reverses course on EPEAT environmental standard, eligible products once again i
  206. AT&T responds to rumor of paid 3G FaceTime
  207. Apple leverages 'unique identifier' to thwart in-app purchasing hack
  208. Hack allows free access to in-app iOS purchases [u]
  209. Sprint to offer free FaceTime over wireless
  210. Apple accused of misleading EU customers about warranties
  211. Apple pulls iOS privacy-tracking app from App Store
  212. Extended Apple employee hours point to rumored July 25 Mountain Lion release
  213. Apple briefly releases Mountain Lion Up-to-Date program, pulls it back
  214. Sources support adapter for iPhone 5 dock connector
  215. Smart TV makers forming alliances out of fear Apple will soon dominate their industry
  216. iOS 6 beta no longer requires Apple ID password for free apps
  217. Demand for Apple's next iPhone at an 'unprecedented level'
  218. In-app purchase hack won't work in iOS 6, say coders
  219. Apple expected to debut iPad mini after September iPhone launch
  220. Rumor: Multiple reports point to redesigned iPods
  221. September launch pegged for Apple's 13" Retina MacBook Pro, new iMac
  222. Mountain Lion available tomorrow ~ Tim Cook says
  223. Apples 3rd Q earnings with live blog.
  224. Apple wins patent for Cover Flow media selection GUI
  225. Apple attributes growth slowdown to sluggish economy, rumors of new products
  226. New OS X trojan identified, bypasses user permissions
  227. Mountain Lion up-to-date program is now live
  228. Some new Mac buyers unable to redeem Mountain Lion codes on App Store
  229. New Blog: While the MF ML Guide is Under Construction?
  230. Some Up-to-Date codes mistakenly replaced with OS X Server
  231. New Blog: OS X Mountain Lion: The Mac-Forums Guide
  232. Apple to attend Hackers Black Hat conference for the first time ever !!!!
  233. After 2 days, OS X Mountain Lion adoption already outrunning Lion
  234. Apple To Hold New iPhone Event On September 12
  235. Rumor: Apple seeks to invest 'hundreds of millions' in Twitter
  236. Apple adds Hulu Plus to Apple TV
  237. Mountain Lion Downloaded 3 Million Times In Four Days
  238. Ive: Apple isn't in it for money, but for great products
  239. Verizon to end tethering app blockage following $1.25M FCC settlement
  240. Apple's next iPhone rumored with 8-pin dock connector, enhanced Bluetooth
  241. Entry Retina MacBook Pro now available with 512 GB, 768 GB drives
  242. Tighter iTunes Twitter integration rumored to take place of Ping
  243. Apple investigating iPad Smart Cover with secondary display
  244. Mass production of new iPhone not expected until late Sept.
  245. Apple's plan for Reno data center gets green light
  246. Apple updates Apple Store app with software pre-install options
  247. OS X Mountain Lion users reporting laptop battery life issues
  248. Steve Jobs was 'very receptive' to 7-inch iPad idea, court documents show
  249. Apple's Schiller: 'Shocked' at Samsung's iPhone copying
  250. Apple reportedly in talks to buy Pinterest competitor The Fancy