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    Today I amazed my 16 yo son- hard to do!

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    Today I amazed my 16 yo son- hard to do!
    I bought him a portable MP3-CD player and proceeded to burn 141 tracks from iTunes onto a single CD.

    He was amazed and sort of thankful (well at least I got more than the usual grunt out of him).

    14 hours of music on a single CD, boy hasn't technology come a long way?


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    Today I amazed my 16 yo son- hard to do!
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    I woulda been pist you didnt buy me an iPod... jk

    thats cool, he like macs as much as you? cus if he doesnt... ive gota baseball bat with his name on it... (with which he can play baseball because he doesnt deserve computers )

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    Today I amazed my 16 yo son- hard to do!
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